About IFA

Spanish Branch

In 1955 the Asociación Española de Derecho Financiero (hereinafter, AEDF) was founded and its Statute was formally signed and registered as a non-profit organization, open to all Spaniards and foreigners interested in Tax Law.
As is indicated in the preamble of the AEDF Statute the founders were aware of the general importance of taxation for the development of Spain and the welfare of the Spanish society.

Because of the importance of taxation for the further development of Spain the association wants to contribute to:

  • The promotion and development of scientific knowledge on international, domestic and comparative taxation
  • The dissemination of knowledge on tax law

To achieve these goals the Association will:

  • organize international and domestic conferences and meetings
  • promote research and studies on tax law
  • spread the scientific results of such conferences and studies through publications
  • promote international and domestic contacts between tax professionals, tax law professors, Judges and tax officials
  • partner, join or assist other national or international organizations pursuing similar goals to those of the AEDF
  • establish partnerships with individuals or companies that commit to support the association in fulfilling its aims 

The AEDF is the Spanish branch of:

  • International Fiscal Association – IFA
  • Instituto Latinoamericano de Derecho Tributario – ILADT

Contact Info

IFA Spanish Branch:
AEDF (Asociación Española de Derecho
Edificio Inter, Oficina 110
Rodríguez San Pedro 2
28015 Madrid (SPAIN)